If you’re in Hong Kong and are interested in fostering or adopting a dog, Kirsten’s Zoo is the place to go for your new best friend. They’re a wonderful charity and they need all the help they can get finding homes for dogs and cats. A donation doesn’t hurt either if you’re not in the area or can’t help an animal in-person.

I love my dogs very much. I have a camera that I don’t know how to use yet, so hopefully the pictures will improve with time.

This is “Manx”–short for “Manky.” We think he’s handsome in his own way, and he is very photogenic. He was a foster dog that we never managed to get rid of. He spent his first year of life in a kennel where he was starved and dehydrated, but we’ve managed to give him a loving permanent home. He gets nervous around new friends, but he is very quick to become your best friend.


This is “Pepper.” She is a bundle of inexhaustible energy. She loves to play and she loves her brother, Manx, very much. She is also incredibly cute. We have had her since she was about two months old.


These two are Ulla and Uri. We fostered them last winter and now they are both in permanent homes, thankfully.