Book Reviews


  • “A Puzzle for Xunzi on What Makes us Human” CEU Summer University Workshop on What Makes us Human. 4 July, 2016.
  • “Xunzi’s Conception of Mei 美” International Conference on De 德 (virtue) and Mei 美 (Beauty) in Chinese Philosophy. Venice, Italy. March 27, 2015.
  • “Xunzi vs. The Primitivists on Nature and Culture” (REVISED) Singapore-Hong Kong Symposium on Chinese Philosophy March 13-14 2015.
  • “Xunzi vs. The Primitivists on Nature and Culture” HKU Philosophy Seminar Series: 29 January, 2015

Courses Taught/Tutored

  • CCCH9024 “Following the Dao,” Dr. Dan Robins
  • PHIL2470 “Moral Psychology in the Chinese tradition,” Dr. Chris Fraser.
  • Tutor for PHIL2002 “Early Modern Philosophy”, Prof. Jamin Asay (ONGOING).

Degree Work

  • Moral Standards, Spontaneity, and Beauty in Early Chinese Philosophy. MPhil thesis. Supervisor: Dan Robins. Final submission early 2016.
  •  A Subjectivist Reading of Zhuangist Metaethics (working title) Supervisor: Chris Fraser. ETA 2018.