Ongoing courses:

  • UIC1901 World Philosophy: Introduction to Chinese Philosophy (Yonsei-UIC)
  • UIC2101 Critical reasoning (Yonsei-UIC)

Past courses:

  • PHIL1053 “Introduction to Western Philosophy” (United International College)
  • GDHC1183 “Conceptions of Nature from Aristotle to the 20th Century”(United International College)
  • PHIL 2440 “Mohism” (HKU)
  • PHIL 2420 “Chinese Philosophy: Metaphysics” (HKU)
  • CCC8011 “Critical Thinking: Analysis and Argumentation” (Lingnan University, 2019)
  • PHIL 1034 (Tutor) “Ethics and Politics East and West: An Introduction to Philosophy” Prof. Chris Fraser.
  • PHIL 1012 (Tutor) “Mind and Knowledge: An Introduction to Philosophy” Prof. Max Deutsch
  • PHIL2002 (Tutor) “Early Modern Philosophy”, Prof. Jamin Asay.
  • PHIL2470 (Tutor) “Moral Psychology in the Chinese tradition,” Dr. Chris Fraser.
  • CCCH9024 (Tutor) “Following the Dao,” Dr. Dan Robins.

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