Giving a talk at Stockton University

I'll be giving a talk on April 12th at Stockton University titled "Truth and Chinese Philosophy," which I am currently co-authoring with Jamin Asay (Purdue University). An abstract of the paper follows: A longstanding debate within comparative philosophy concerns what role (if any) the notion of truth plays in ancient Chinese philosophy. In this paper... Continue Reading →

Introducing the PGR Database Project

Upon making some progress with my Visualizing the Philosophical Gourmet Report (PGR) project using Excel and Tableau, I've decided to create a relational database of all the publicly-available PGR data and document the process on a new page: The PGR Database Project. The goal of both projects is to increase accessibility and utility of the... Continue Reading →

Visualizing the PGR

I decided to try my hand at visualizing the PGR's data about the rankings and specialties of top philosophy programs in the English-speaking world. It was a lot of fun, and hopefully might be useful to somebody. Below is a sample screenshot of the bubble chart showing distributions of potential areas of specialization across the... Continue Reading →

On Truth and Chinese Philosophy

I am pleased to announce that my paper, "Truth and Chinese Philosophy: A Plea for Pluralism" has been accepted for publication in Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy. My first ever published paper was on this very topic back in 2014, also in Dao, and so I'm very excited to be revisiting it in Dao... Continue Reading →

An overdue update

As of March 2021, I have started my new position as an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Yonsei University's Underwood International College in Songdo, South Korea. I am extremely grateful to be here, to be teaching both enthusiastic and talented students, and to be surrounded by enthusiastic, wonderful colleagues. My faculty profile page can be... Continue Reading →

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