New Analysis: Participation in my Critical Reasoning classes

I taught two sections of Critical Reasoning per semester at Yonsei University UIC for the past three semesters. Due to the pandemic, the first of the three was fully online. The second was a blended format, with lectures delivered online and discussion held in-person. The third was fully in-person. Each discussion meetings had as its topics an article related to the week’s content from a popular website. Throughout my time teaching this course, I’ve been interested in two questions:

  • Which learning format had the most participation? Blended, Online, or In-person?
  • Which articles generated the most discussion?

Now, with the help of data analysis, I’m able to answer these questions.

To summarize, I found that:

  • Online discussion had the least amount of contributions.
  • The longest and most difficult articles had the least amount of discussion.
  • The straightforward and provocative articles had the most discussion.

Click here to see the full analysis.

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