I just figured I'd announce a few updates to the site. I have: altered the "Projects" page. deleted my Academia.edu site. added my CV to the "About" page. added some photos to "Random".

New Book Review Forthcoming

I have uploaded an author's preprint of my review of Alexus Mcleod's book, Theories of Truth in Ancient China: A Comparative Approach, forthcoming in Philosophy East and West. The paper can also be found here.

MPhil Thesis Abstract

“Moral Standards, Spontaneity, and Beauty in Early Chinese Philosophy” This thesis is about three concepts in Warring States Chinese philosophy—fǎ 法, xìng 性, and měi 美—that give rise to the three themes that make up the title of this thesis: moral standards, moral spontaneity, and moral beauty. In the first chapter, I defend my choice... Continue Reading →

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