I have added a Translations page in the Projects page and as a menu item under “Projects” above. I have also moved the previous content of the Projects page to a new Research page.

Making this addition is a bit of an experiment: good, published translations of the texts I’ll be working throughout my career with are in a bit of limbo right now: they’re becoming more common, but still having free, online versions is a good thing. I will both 1) add new translations as I finish them, and 2) update existing translations if I come to disagree with a previous translation of mine at some point, or find a typo. The page will grow as I add more content, and I hope it will become a useful resource.

As always, if you use my translations in your own work, please cite.

Finally, I’ve trashed the “For Students” page and moved those links to the “Links” page. Perhaps the “For Students” page will return at a later date.