Primitivism in the Zhuangzi

My introductory paper on Zhuangist primitivism (creatively) titled, "Primitivism in the Zhuangzi: an Introduction", has been accepted for publication in Philosophy Compass and should appear in the coming months. An author's preprint can be downloaded here. 28-8-2020 Update: The final published version can be accessed here:

Ethics in the Zhuangzi: Diversity and Sagacity

The following essay is forthcoming in International Philosophical Quarterly (June, 2020) entitled "Ethics in the Zhuangzi: Diversity and Sagacity". Its content is largely based on the penultimate chapter of my PhD dissertation, and has benefited greatly from feedback at various international venues over the past few years. An author's preprint of the essay can be... Continue Reading →


I've updated my information to reflect that I have received my PhD from the University of Hong Kong in 2019. I've also added some photos to "Hiking" and "Random."


I have updated my CV on my About page. I have updated the author's preprint of my review of Theories of Truth in Chinese Philosophy on my Publications page, which will appear in Philosophy East and West January, 2018.

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